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A Tennessee Titans Blog From St. Louis

by Patrick Stewart (@stewartfzn)

As my brother Mike (@stewartGSOT) and I were taking our first steps into the Titans fanbase a few months ago, one of our goals was to find some great Titans fans on twitter to talk with.  One of the first we connected with was James Nissen, aka @jneezy0927.  James has provided us with some great insight on the Titans franchise, as he has followed the team even when they were based in Houston as the Oilers.    He was nice enough to take some time to answer a few questions about the franchise, team, and gameday experience in Nashville.  

How long have you been a Titans fan?

I've been a die hard Oilers/Titans fan since age 11 (age 43 in Sept). I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1973, so of course I grew up with the CFL. My grandparents lived in central Illinois and we often traveled as youth during holidays and summers to visit. My grandfather was a Bears fan of course, and since there was no NFL Sunday Ticket or other media sources to follow.....well, it was the Bears games we watched during our visits. We moved to Illinois in the summer of 1980. In November of that year and the weekend before Thanksgiving if I recollect, the Oilers were playing the Bears. Earl Campbell rushed for over 200 yards. Well, I decided that the Oilers would be my American football team at 7 years old. Another 4 years had passed and it was hard to follow the Oilers.  You mostly had just newspaper clippings or if we got lucky on the 10 pm news a quick highlight if they were playing the Packers or Bears.....but in 1984, it happened. Warren Moon signed with the Houston Oilers. It was destiny! The rest is history....I lived and died following the Run 'n Shoot....Moon, Jeffires, Givens, Duncan, Slaughter, Lorenzo White.....list goes on. Who can forget the offensive lines anchored by HOFs Matthews and Munchak? I cried as a 20 year old in 1993 when the Oilers left Houston....I left with them. I cried again as I sat 3 rows from the top of the Georgia Dome on January 31st, 2000. I met my wife in 1998 - we got married on a park.....on a Thursday afternoon just so we could secure that date. McNair, George and Moon - it was destiny all along!

Earl Campbell played a big role in James' decision to become a Titans fan.

I was a founding PSL owner and STH in 1999-2000 and had season tickets through 2004. Due to change in employment, I sold my PSL and tickets.....however, I got on the waiting list for future consideration and in 2010 became a PSL owner and STH once again.  I live in Groveland, IL, a small town outside of Peoria.  

As a long-time Titans fan, what has been your reaction to the number of St. Louis fans who have converted to the Titans after the Rams left us in January?

I have couple of thoughts here. The Oilers were never a ‘hometown’ team for me as I am not from Houston, but I can imagine the feeling those fans felt was similar to those in St. Louis now. Probably leads to another question of how I became an Oilers/Titans fan, but we can ‘blog’ about that later.

I chose to follow the team to Tennessee………… really wasn’t a difficult decision for me, but I understand why those who chose not to did and had no issue with that. That said, I also understood that I had to be ok with those fans who chose to follow another team (i.e. Cowboys, Saints, etc) and those who decided to just wait until Houston got another team.

With that, when I heard/saw through social media that a group of fans became to form in St. Louis, my initial and current state is one of excitement! I say, #TitanUp and let’s have some fun!! As a long-time STH who lives in Central IL, you don’t see a lot of Two-Tone Blue around.

Additionally, it’s been a tough go over the last few years, making the 6.5 hour trek south on Sunday only to see the stadium ½ to ¾ full of opposing fans. That said, a winning culture off the field and wins on the field can quickly turn that tide. I long to see that ‘sea’ of blue again at NISSAN Stadium and to feel the stadium shaking beneath my feet! If that means expanding our fan base by welcoming new fans – well, isn’t that what we should have been doing all along? It has been exciting to see the Tennessee Titans organization reach out to the St. Louis fans and embrace this and welcome you to the Titans Family!

To that point, I am loving everything I am seeing that is happening in this space currently – I believe Amy Adams-Strunk, Jon Robinson, and Mike Mularkey are taking tangible actions to change the culture of Tennessee Titans from the inside out. It’s been a long-time coming and I'm looking forward to seeing their vision come to fruition! If they WIN, we all WIN!

As a fan, I will continue to do my part in welcoming you all to the Titan Family and hope you all continue to see that this fall from other fans and for many years to come!! Why not………we already share a bond – SUPERBOWL XXXIV! Different views of how that day ended, but a shared memory nonetheless.

Super Bowl 34 - A pivotal moment for both franchises

What should fans expect on gamedays at Nissan Stadium?

That’s a great question, because in some aspects it will be new for all of us this year as changes continue to be made from the fan experience perspective (i.e. stadium upgrades, concessions, etc.).  
That said, expect good ole' fashioned Southern Hospitality! Plan to start early with your tailgate and save some time to walk around the stadium and take in others. You’ll be surprised at home many folks will just welcome you in to partake as you just walk by.

If you are looking to stay/park downtown, you’ll enjoy the amazing views early morning as you walk across the pedestrian bridge that spans the Cumberland River. Nothing like the smell and sights of Sunday morning bbqs going, with NISSAN Stadium nestled up against the riverfront as the backdrop.

The environment (excitement level) inside the stadium – well, bottom line………..that always comes with winning! There is always renewed excitement each season, but now that we have this train headed back in the right direction and the pieces are starting to fall in place, I expect the ‘good ole days’ not as far off in the distance as some outsiders my believe. Of course, that is my Columbia Blue glasses view.

Nissan Stadium, nestled along the banks of the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville

What spots in Nashville would you recommend for fans coming down for games this season? Any "can't miss" bars or areas to hit on Saturday nights?

Earlier, when mentioning Nissan Stadium’s proximity to downtown Nashville, I was referring to 2nd and Broadway, the most iconic street(s) in the city - full of honky tonk bars, live music and restaurants.  
Some of my favorites:

Honkey Tonk Central on Broadway; If you like to ‘people watch’ this is the place. HTC is a, weather permitting, open air 3 level bar – live music on each level. Usually is packed on Friday/Saturday evening…… is most of the Nashville Scene. Stand on the balcony, enjoy a cold adult beverage, the company of your friends from home and Nashville…….and of course, ‘watch’ away.

Wannabe’s Karaoke Bar: This isn’t your ‘run of the mill’ karaoke joint – these folks can SING! …..and of course, if you want to put your personal talents to the test……no one will stop you! This is always good fun later in the evening.

If you are looking for a sports bar, Bailey’s on Broadway is your place! Can also grab a bite to eat here to catch your favorite college football team play on Saturday afternoon or evening also.  
Pre and post-game, it’s packed with football fans. If you’re not in the mood for the crowds of Broadway, head down to lower Broadway and up 2nd Avenue. The brick paved sidewalks give this block a very nostalgic feel, along with the street performers. You can hit up the legendary Wild Horse Saloon for a live show and dinner, or BB Kings for some more great music!

….and don’t forget to look at the Preds schedule if coming later in the season. They may have a home Friday or Saturday game. You don’t want to miss the action in Bridgestone Arena! Maybe you’ll get lucky as St. Louis fans and you’ll get to see your Blues and Titans in the same weekend!

The nightlife in Nashville is second to none.

What do you expect to see from the Titans this season?


That said, I always tell my friends that I’m an optimistic realist! I think this team is capable of winning 5-8 games this year depending how things develop and how quickly the team ‘buys in’ and gels. The ‘reality’ is, we could very well win only 2-4 games and Mularkey doesn’t return in 2017.

I also, as mentioned earlier, expect to see the changes in culture carry over onto the field. I’ll be watching to see how this team acts and reacts with regards to adversity, pre/post-game interviews, practice, etc..  
This team reminds me a lot of what we went through in ’94 (2-14), then the jump in ’95 (7-9), the run of 8-8’s, and then the RUN! The building blocks are there……….including the pillar, Mariota. If we can continue to build around him, the sky is the limit for this team.

Bottom line: I expect to see improvement in this team on and off the field. That doesn’t mean it automatically translates into wins.  But, I won’t settle for just being ‘competitive’ in a few games. I expect improvement from now until January with the arrow clearly pointing upward as we head into next offseason.

The success of the franchise is in the hands of Marcus Mariota

Finally, do you think combination of GM Jon Robinson and HC Mike Mularkey has what it takes to turn the Titans franchise around?

I’ll address each separately, and also include Amy Adams Strunk because I feel what she has done is worth mentioning as well.

Owner Amy Adams-Strunk:  
Amy’s involvement has been a pleasant surprise this offseason, and while her visibility/role was questioned by the fan base (including myself) throughout the year last season we’ve come to find out that just wasn’t true. She was engaged, but what I like now is that she is making a conscious effort to insure she is a ‘highly’ visible and engage owner. This is key for both the fan base and the NFL to see.  That said, I hope this vision is not ‘Fools Gold’ either. <enter optimist/realist>.  I love that she recognized the need for a culture change. Unfortunately, as fans, we also associate that with a full house cleaning, leading to our disappointment that Mularkey was retained. I’ll come back to that.

At any rate, I felt Strunk was worth mentioning here – remember, she is the link to Jon Robinson – the only GM Candidate to support her decision to retain Mularkey. No Mike Mularkey, we most likely don’t end up with Jon whom we all agree to this point has been a HOME RUN hire.

GM Jon Robinson:  
Really, what can you say here other than Strunk got it right. Give credit where credit is due. From the moment Robinson arrived in Nashville he has embodied everything you would want to see from a leader. He has demonstrated a strong understanding of the business, his football IQ is off the charts, he's engaging to the fan base, he’s been visible, and he can switch from just ‘one of the guys’ around players to GM of Tennessee Titans at an owner’s meeting simply by walking into a phone booth. At this point, I have zero doubt that Robinson is the guy to lead us through this change in belief and attitude, and turn us into the ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL – Championship Organization that we all want!  That said, it’s going to take an extreme level of patience from us as a fan base. There will be some bumps, but I believe he can turn this around quickly – we are seeing small pieces of that each passing day.

HC Mike Mularkey:  
There is a reason they brought the coach back, and in my opinion one of the keys to successful franchises/organizations (ie. Patriots, Steelers, Packers, etc) is stability and continuity within the leadership base. ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL………….but more importantly ONE VISION. Everyone, walking lock step towards that goal – everyone playing a role.

Do I think Mike is ‘the guy’? Eh, I don’t know and I’d certainly stop short of saying he is at this point until we see winning results. I’m also not a big believer is looking at ‘track records’ when it comes to head coaches in football. If that’s the case, then why did New England hire Belichick….or what was Seattle thinking when they hired Carroll?

Here’s what I do know: GREAT Coaches do not win without GREAT Players in the NFL. You CAN win in the NFL with GREAT players and a good coach. BAD players can result in a GREAT head coach getting fired. So, can we win with MM as the head coach? If we continue to draft well (Jon Robinson), build around Mariota (Jon Robinson) and use free agency only as an avenue to feel a couple holes (Jon Robinson)…..then I say, yes we can win with Mularkey as HC!

Is Mike Mularkey the man for the job?

A big thanks to James for taking the time out to answer these questions.  I would highly advise all Titans fans to follow him on Twitter at @jneezy0927.  #TitanUp

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by Patrick Stewart (@stewartfzn)

Ahh...NFL training camp practices are officially underway in cities around the country.  The start of training camp brings many expectations and predictions from both franchises and their fans, the majority of them being homer-based optimism about the home team's chances for success in the season.

The 2016 Tennessee Titans have been labeled by many as a "team on the rise".  The roster underwent a multitude of changes in the offseason, with GM Jon Robinson maneuvering up and down in the draft to select new blood for the team in key positions and signing some intriguing young free agents (Rishard Matthews, Ben Jones top the list) and some former superstar veterans (DeMarco Murray, Andre Johnson) to help the young team gel a little faster for now-permanent head coach Mike Mularkey.  

Mularkey, for his part, wants to install an "exotic smashmouth" offense.  He explained it as a similar offensive philosophy that he had in place while being the offensive coordinator for the Steelers in 2001-2003.  It will be a run-first offense, relying heavily on the legs of Murray and Heisman trophy winner Derrick Henry.  You can also expect more running from 2nd-year QB Marcus Mariota, who has the speed to burn defenses like Mularkey's former Steelers QB Kordell "Slash" Stewart.  Can Mariota's body hold up to that pounding?  The cynic in me has extreme reservations about letting Mariota loose on designed runs more than 2 or 3 times a game.  Expect a lot of underneath passes in this offense, with the occasional play-action deep ball launched for the faster receivers like Dorial Green-Beckham.

78 year old Dick LeBeau takes over the defensive coordinator duties this season, stemming from what seemed like a bit of a power-play move pulled on his former protege and 2015 Titans DC Ray Horton.  The impact that LeBeau had on the Titans defense when he came on last season as an assistant head coach was immediate.  The team improved in nearly every statistical category in 2015, including ranking 12th in the league (up from 27th the year before) in total defense.  The pieces are in place in the front seven for similar results, but inconsistency, youth, and health concerns are signs of trouble in the secondary.  Despite these issues, LeBeau's track record speaks for itself and I'm pretty comfortable in assuming the defense will put out a solid effort week-in and week-out.  

The Titans should consider themselves lucky to play in one of the league's weaker divisions.  While the AFC South as a whole is trending up, there is no dominant team.  The Colts are built around Andrew Luck, but little else.  The Jaguars have a nice young roster, but the franchise has yet to achieve any success on the field for almost a decade.  The Texans, despite the star power of J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins, are gambling on Brock Osweiler to lead the team despite fairly mediocre results last season in Denver.  If the Titans were to get hot, the door is open for them to take this division.

Don't let yourself get too up or down as you watch the team this preseason.  It is still a very young roster with many moving pieces.  We probably won't really know the true identity of the Titans until 4 or 5 weeks into the season.  Until that time, enjoy the process.  Enjoy seeing the rookies compete for spots.  Enjoy watching the veterans still try to scratch out roster spots.  Especially though, enjoy the fact that the Titans have a roster that should only improve over the next few seasons.  It's a great time to be a Titans fan and I'm ready for the season to start!


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by Laurie Brown (@lbrown1213)

To say I had mixed emotions about Saturday's Legends of the Dome game would be accurate. I was sad because it would be the last of the last games in the dome even though there had already been a last game in December. I was happy because it was a football game with beloved Rams, some Hall of Famers and other soon-to-be Hall of Famers. I was mad because this game, while nice, wasn't a real game because our real team was pulled out from under us by some not very nice people. I was chill because I was choosing to be Zen about about the whole thing because I had no control over anything and wanted to enjoy the game.

Over 10,000 fans showed up on Saturday to greet Rams greats like D'Marco Farr, pictured here signing an autograph for a fan

There was a bigger crowd than I anticipated which was intrinsically satisfying. Take that, NFL! St. Louis is too a football town! I ran into a few people I knew, some I hadn't seen since the previous last game. It was very, very nice not to have any other teams fans in the dome and to see pretty much everyone in Rams gear. Despite it being flag football it felt more like a real game than I expected. I loved that the end zones were painted blue and gold with ST. LOUIS, not Rams, emblazoned in the turf. It was a great production, a festive atmosphere and a class act all the way around.

Orlando Pace enters the field

I felt the first tears well-up when I ran into friends on the concourse at halftime. I wouldn't see these people again in this environment. It was a sort of death without the dying part. Then some jerseys got to me. I didn't mind the Warner, Holt, Bruce era of jerseys but the Todd Gurleys and the Aaron Donalds hurt. They were in LA now and they weren't thanking St. Louis fans for their support. I felt comfortable back at the dome for another game and then I didn't feel comfortable when I remembered this wasn't a normal game it was an ending.

Kurt Warner warming up before the game

As the afternoon wore on though I realized that apart from the few things mentioned above I wasn't really as emotional as I had feared. No tears actually fell. I had been worried for nothing. It wasn't achingly painful and it wasn't that way because I had grieved the loss of my team months before and then I had gone out and found myself a new team. A fresh team, one with a bright future and a functional quarterback. Yes, I would miss my Rams friends but I would do my best to encourage them to come along with me to Tenneesee. Meanwhile, I was already meeting new friends that were Titans fans, some of them right here in St. Louis. Everything was going to be okay. Opening day would come and I would have a team I could root for.

The Titans have now officially replaced the Rams for many St. Louis football fans

It felt good to walk out of the dome not totally dejected that my team had been eviscerated again, an unfortunate hallmark of my time as a Rams fan. And it felt good that my new team, the Tennessee Titans, was just a few hours South waiting for me to join in the fun. The reality was that in the midst of walking away from something I was walking toward something too.

Editor's Note:  Thank you to for the use of their photos.  You can find a full photo gallery here:

#STLtoNashville #TitanUp

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